15 years

Armed with a diverse mix of skills from my previous special effects work, I began working for Disney Imagineering R&D as a electronics tech, which evolved into systems engineer/integrator. I started in 93 on the award winning Virtual Reality attraction Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride. Working alongside PHDs in CS and others in such fields as robotics and neuroscience, this was a fascinating adventure and the beginning of a new carrier in computer graphics and games. My involvement with R&D continued for many year supporting mostly real-time interactive and simulation based projects.

My role involved pulling together cutting edge computer graphics and digital media technologies into prototype systems creating new functionality and forms of entertainment. Often these projects provided a test bed for ideas before wider use by Disney and the industry. The proprietary nature of these projects limits what I can show of this work.

This was an extremely collaborative environment evolving many talented individuals, far too many to credit here, and the participation of various divisions across the Walt Disney company and many collaborating outside venders.

Skills: Willingness to try anything and share ideas. Concept to prototype development & fabrication.

Design and engineering in the following areas; Computer graphics hardware and interfaces, electrical, mechanical, optical, display, projection, digital audio/video and show control technologies.CAD, Previsuization modeling and animation.