6 years

In 2004 I began level editing for Toontown Online and moved into various other art production roles.

Currently I am the Lead Artist for Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Responsible for design and production of efficient customizable avatars and NPCs (non-player characters). Other roles on Pirates Online development include: Concept development, environment and prop design and production, Level design and editing, cinematics, lighting, GUI & website work. Because of my technical background I often provide technical direction for tools and pipeline development, troubleshooting and testing

SKILLS: Experience in modeling, uv mapping, texture painting, shaders and optimization for engine efficiency. Creating concept art, painting textures from photo reference and from scratch. Art directing outsourced assets and integration. A fast learner of new and proprietary tools, as well as participation in tools and pipelines. Dedicated to working and communicating as a highly effective team member and mentor to new personnel.

Main Tools: Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, Bodypaint, SketchUp, Flash, AfterEffects, Painter. Familiar with: Mel, Python, CVS, AlienBrain, UNIX, PC & OSX/linux systems