13 years

Spending my last years of high school and on through college living in San Rafael, CA. in the shadows of ILM, the art of special effects was a constant calling. With special effect being a multi-disciplinary profession, I ventured into whatever I could learn in school and on my own to gain experience to that end. Much of this time spent learning art, electronics, and lighting design. I worked as an artisan, stage tech, roadie, building and setting up equipment. By night I was a freelance lighting designer for local San Francisco bay area bands and venues.

These efforts paid off by the end of my sophomore year in collage when I was given the opportunity to be the robot wrangler for Lucas Films primarily rebuilding, puppeteering R2-D2 and dressing Anthony Daniels as C-3PO. I worked for Lucas Film and a variety of others till I graduated and moved to Southern California with an offer to join Walt Disney Imagineering as a special effects designer.

Skills: Lighting Design for Film, television, Stage, bands, nightclubs etc. electrical engineering, digital analog circuit design and fabrication. Special effects utilizing Lasers, High Voltage, water, pyro, CO2, LN2, smoke, fog and projection. Automation and articulation using mechanics, pneumatics, servos, radio control, lighting control, midi, PLCs etc. Early user of personal Computers, Apple II, Macintosh and IBM PCs used for design and control.